Welcome to Humble Walk Lutheran Church, a community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Humble Walk sets up camp for worship every Sunday at 4:30PM in the West End.
Come and find us at Sholom Home East, 740 Kay Ave, St Paul, MN.

October through May we can also be found Monday nights at Art House North or Shamrock’s Pub, talking and singing and listening and doing community together.

Welcome. You already belong here.

Looking to keep your Bumper Humble?


Word on the street is that things went viral. Did you know we had bumper stickers? The social media has informed the world that we do! Some folks even want to get their hands on them. Well, we have a way for you to make that a possibility. Make a donation to our little church of $10 or more and we will get you a free range bumper sticker, artisanally hand packed for your own bumper (bumper not included). The idea for this bumper sticker stems from the artwork and many discussions with friend and artist Kjellgren Alkire. Four years later (after selling a handful) Glennon Doyle Melton (aka Momastery) tweeted a picture of our good friend Emmy Rettino Kegler‘s bumper with our classy sticker and folks started trying to figure out how to get their hands on one. So you can either make a donation of $10 or more at Razoo or send a check payable to the Saint Paul Area Synod–Humble Walk and sent to: SPAS 105 W University Ave, St Paul MN 55103. Seriously though, check out Razoo, there are some fun videos on that site about our community. Thanks for dropping by!